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Equi-Bow Therapy 


What is Equi-Bow? 

Equi-bow is a technique derived from Bowen therapy. It involves non-invasive, gentle touch, neuromuscular re-patterning with an emphasis on fascia tissue. 


What is fascia?

When you are preparing meat for dinner you often pull off the white elastic membrane  surrounding the meat. This is fascia. Fascia holds together the muscles and helps keep things in place. When fascia becomes dehydrated we will feel tension, lack of flexibility,  pressure or even soreness in the area. If we can regain elasticity in fascia tissue we will see changes in not only flexibility but posture as well. 


How does this work? 

A lot of horses are perceived to have conformational issues or flaws. However, a lot of these issues may not actually be conformational at all, but may be due to tension and compensation. For example, if you twisted your left ankle and as a result stood with your weight completely on your right leg until the twisted ankle was resolved you may find that your posture has now changed to adjust for that compensation, and that your muscles in your right leg are now very tight and your hips are uneven. Through gentle Equi-bow techniques we can remind the body that the left ankle is healed and we can carry ourselves more effectively again. 


Its all about the vibration- Equi-bow is a vibrational technique that works. We send messages to specific areas of the body by producing vibrations that ‘travel’ throughout the nervous system. We look to move the horse from a sympathetic (fight/flight/panic/emergency) state to a parasympathetic (rest/relax/digest/calm) state. This allows oxygen rich blood to travel throughout the body rather than being primarily directed to the heart.  This allows the practitioner to not only address postural, tension and soreness issues but also help affect behavioral changes. 


When we treat imbalances and restrictions and allow the body to release both fascia and misalignments we often suddenly find that we are dealing with a completely different animal. This coupled with the documented behavioral changes Equi-Bow has been shown to produce allows the horse owner to maximize not only their horses potential but also can help to maximize their emotional bond with the equine companion. 


For More information or to book a session please contact Jenna Tranter, Certified Equi-Bow Practitioner, at (519) 902-8584


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